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A Metal RV Carport from Foothill Country Sheds are the most economical, durable and attractive options to protect your vehicles from sap, bird droppings, UV rays, and the harsh elements of snow, rain & hail.  Whether you are covering Quads, your RV or several different vehicles at once, metal carports we have the selection you need.
Stop wasting your money on tarps and cheap box store covers that only last a couple of years and does not provide enough protection for an RV, Quads or whatever you may need to cover. Tarps or cloth can cave in and tear leaving your RV or vehicle vulternable to the elements.
 A metal carport is not only a smart investment for your use now, but it also adds value to the marketability of your home in the future.

Which RV/Carport Should We Go With?

Keep it simple with the Regular Style and just the roof or dress it up by going with the A-Frame style and enclosing the sides & back. Whatever your need may be for shelter and appearance we can make your dream carport a reality. 

Be sure to check out our Garage page for fully enclosed carport and RV/Boat cover options as well. 

Why Choose Foothill Country Sheds?

We’ve helped thousands of customers in Auburn and Shingle Springs develop their dreams into reality so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and interests so we can create the ideal carport for you. 
As California natives, we can use our local experience and expertise to help you address the issues surrounding permitting to maximize your confidence and peace of mind.
We pride ourselves in complete customer satisfaction through respectful customer relations, top-notch workmanship, and value-pricing.  We look forward to working with you!
Auburn RV Cover & Carport Special
​Starting around $2,400!​
Affordably and attractively protect your
motorcycle, car, boat, RV and any other treasure!
Carports and RV Covers with unsurpassed quality design at an affordable price.
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Have your own style in mind?


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Gallery represents only a small selection of what we have to offer. See more in person or use our online configurator to build your custom RV cover or carport. 

Proudly Serving: Elk Grove, Shingle Springs, Auburn, Cameron Park, Fair Oaks, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Diamond Springs, Placerville, Wilton, & Surrounding areas of Placer County, Sacramento and Northern California area.

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Foothill Country Sheds, based in El Dorado County, CA, is the regional dealer for the metal building manufacturer called Madera Carports which is based in Madera, California (near Fresno). Madera Carports prefabricates and installs the buildings for its various dealer partners, so be prepared to receive calls from the Madera Carports Scheduling Dept. with a 559 area code to schedule installation, usually 1-2 weeks before the actual installation date.

Foothill Country Sheds offers:

- 40-year warranty for panels to not rust or corrode and for the paint to not chip or cheque.
- 25-year warranty against rust through of the 12g tubing.  5-year for 14g.
- 1-year workmanship warranty

The turnaround time varies from season to season but is generally from 2-6 weeks

PLANS AND PERMITS: Most building departments require a permit, whether it is an Ag exempt permit or standard accessory building permit, for any structure larger than 120 square ft which is a 10 by 12 building. We do not require a permit to install your building. We assume that you, as the homeowner, will address the applicable permit issues. To our knowledge the vast majority of our customers do not get a permit. Our advice to every customer, whether getting a permit or not, is to understand the attitude of your neighbors towards an outbuilding like this. Over 15 years and thousands of buildings we have had 7 people request engineered plans to retroactively get a permit; every single one of those has been because of a neighbor reporting them to the building department because they think the building is an eyesore, it's blocking their view, or they simply feel it’s their responsibility to control what happens in the neighborhood. Please ensure that you have done your due diligence regarding the permit issue. Should you decide to get a permit, we can supply the engineered plans which consist of the foundation plan, the structural analysis, and the elevations - everything you need, aside from the site plan, to submit to the building department for a permit. Plans cost anywhere from $775 to $2,000 and take approximately 8-10 weeks to get. Once you get your permit, which could take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks or more, you will let us know that you have your permit so that we can at that point schedule you for installation which currently is approximately 6-8 weeks out determined by the availability of materials. My experience is that building departments charge approximately $1 per square foot for a permit. For assistance determining the feasibility of acquiring a permit and then actually acquiring the permit contact For assistance with creating a site plan contact For orders requesting the engineered plans, the price of the building is subject to change based on the engineer’s design criteria.
The site must be within 4 to 6" of level for the building to be installed. Front to back differences in height are especially prohibitive, whereas side to side differences in height can generally be accommodated so long as we know beforehand what the difference in height is from side to side. We generally do not conduct site surveys since we do not have anything to do with preparing the site for installation. You will want to contact a grading or concrete contractor to assess the site to give you recommendations for what would be required to provide a level site.
The deposit is the lesser of 10% or $1,000. The remaining balance is due after the building is installed. Financing should be obtained from a 3rd party financing company.
Depending on the size and complexity of the building anywhere from 2 hours for a simple carport to several days for a large barn or warehouse. Generally speaking, metal buildings are installed in a surprisingly quick timeframe which is why they are so economical.
It is always helpful for customers to provide us with pictures of the site from various perspectives so we may get an initial assessment. However, we generally do not conduct site surveys since Foothill Country Sheds do not have anything to do with preparing the site for installation. You will want to contact a grading or concrete contractor to assess the site to give you recommendations for what would be required to provide a level site.

You can view the different Carport and RV Cover roof styles in this attached document : View here



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For a guarantee that the buildings are designed and installed to meet your lot's load requirements we would need to procure the certified, engineered plans which include the foundation plan, the structural analysis, and elevations - everything needed for certification and to obtain a permit. Otherwise, we use our best judgement based on our experience of what our engineer has incorporated in the structural design for certification for various buildings and load requirements but it does not come with a guarantee as does a certified building.
- For any ground application, such as dirt, gravel, asphalt, and chip and seal, the standard anchoring is 3' rebar spikes that go through the base rail next to every leg.
- For concrete the standard anchoring is concrete wedge anchors known as "Redheads".
- For additional, superior anchoring we can add 30" augers or manta ray spikes




We provide custom metal buildings throughout Northern & Southern California. From small storage sheds to massive warehouses and everything in between – Carports, RV Covers, Garages, Shops, Run-In Shelters, Loafing Sheds, Shedrows, Raised Center Aisle Barns…whatever your imagination can come up with!


24/7 unmanned display yard accessible by walking down the hill at the back of The Paint Spot’s parking lot or driving behind The Door and Window Stop during business hours.  

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