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Metal Building Installation Process- What to Expect?

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Winter is coming. It is a perfect time to contact Foothill Country Sheds about a prefabricated metal building or shed if you are looking to store anything from vehicles or RVs, up to farming equipment or materials. Keep your belongings out of the elements with a new metal building. We help with the installation process from start to finish.

Here’s a brief explanation on what to expect when you are getting a new metal building installed on your property.

Metal buildings have a good reputation for being low-maintenance and long-lasting durability. They’re also much easier to build than structures made from other materials.

In a prefabricated metal structure companies design each part to work together. The frames that are pre-cut and pre-drilled can be assembled quickly and easily. However, there are some things to take into consideration prior to installing the metal structure. Be aware of these aspects ahead of time can guarantee a smooth and easy installation.


Permit laws can differ from state to state, and municipal to municipality. It’s essential to know the local laws before deciding to install the building.

Prepping the Build Site

The structure of a metal building must be placed on a level surface. This means that the building site must be prepared prior to the installation. Making sure the area is level is the first step towards proper site preparation. Without a level area, the building will not be able to go up. Make sure you take a professional measurement of your property prior to purchasing a metal building to make sure you have a level area to build on.

Remember that just because the site appears level doesn’t necessarily mean it actually is. Hire the professionals at Foothill Country Sheds or visit our resources page for more information.

If necessary, seek the assistance of a grading professional to assess your situation.

Skipping this step could mean if the installers arrive and find that the site is not level, they would delay your metal building installation and setup.

After your site is prepped and the surface laid, it’s time to schedule installation.


At this point, you can complete the job by adding equipment. Electricity, water, as well as the internet could be added at this time. If the building is not insulated and this is important to your operations or living arrangements then this would be the time to add it. Typically, insulation is installed prior to the installation of other infrastructure in the metal building.

If there are any questions throughout the process our team at Foothill Country Sheds is here to meet your needs. If you need to explore options with a professional or talk over specifications, give us a call or check out our website to test our online 3d configurator.

We have been serving Northern California and have been a Sacramento metal building provider since 2007. We specialize in helping customers find the metal building which suits their specific needs, from small storage sheds to carports, Rv covers, large garages, workshops, warehouses and everything in between.

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We provide custom metal buildings throughout Northern & Southern California. From small storage sheds to massive warehouses and everything in between – Carports, RV Covers, Garages, Shops, Run-In Shelters, Loafing Sheds, Shedrows, Raised Center Aisle Barns…whatever your imagination can come up with!


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